Training Camp,Trials and more.. Granada-Spain

Training camp, Trials and more..

You must do these in Granada

Experiencing Laliga matches, take a stadium tour, attend training camps, compete in trials for 3rd or 4th division clubs. if you are a passionate football player then Spain becomes your most preferred destination.

I, am Abhinav Nekta, amateur football player, AFC-C certified coach and presently working as a football coach with Max Sports Academy (MSA). My trip to Granada with MSA players for training camp cum Trials conducted by FC Cubillas (4th division football club in Granada and partner of MSA) was a dream come true. In this blog, I will mention ‘things you must do’ staying in Granada while attending football training camp or trial.

1. Learn Spanish

In order to understand the instruction given by the coaching staff or instructors during the training session you must learn Spanish. Survival gets tough with just English as in mostly spanish doesn’t speak English. PS: Google translate helps a bit. 

2. Cook or stay on sandwiches

If you are from India, maybe you won’t like Spanish cousine. Either you have to stay on sandwiches or junk food or else start cooking yourself.  PS: Departmental stores offers wide variety of Whey protein shakes and yogurt drinks, if you are on high protein diet then worry not.

3. Train at ‘free for All’ Sports Complex

When you are in Granada, do visit Complexo Deportivo De –AlboloteThe sports complex offers free training on its athletic tracks and futsal field. If you want to go jogging, sprints or improve football skills then you know where to visit. PS: Beautiful view, landscapes around the complex is a treat for eyes. 

4. Join Gym

When attending trials, you need to be on peak of your fitness. Hence, I would advise you to join Gym. Granada got plenty of Fitness Clubs but my personal favourite is Gymnasio BPX, adjacent to the Complex Deportivo De Albolote’. Join for €6/Day or € 30/Month. Gym offers swimming pool access too. PS:Coffee vending machine at the Gym counter delivers best coffee of the town for €1. Don’t miss out.  

5. Visit Granada CF stadium 

if you are in Granada then you can’t miss experiencing the support and festival like atmosphere created when home team Granada CF is playing. The only la liga (Division1) team from the city has got its stadium Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes. Easy to reach by a bus or tram.

This summarises mostly everything according to me that you must do besides focusing on the training session, fitness and diet.

I must admit that Granada is a beautiful place for sports. I had a great time staying, exploring, trekking, socialising and improving my football skills. (watch the video attached)

Have a great time in Granada.


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